Silagiu hills, wine traditions and modernity
Silagiu hills, wine traditions and modernity Silagiu hills, wine traditions and modernity Silagiu, a town from Banat county surrounded by picturesque and fertile hills, was first recorded in 1406, after which it appeared constantly in the official documents of the times, whether the area was under Ottoman or Austrian occupation. There are documents dating from the middle of the 19th century on the local wine tradition, but [...]
The Wine Road - Dealu Mare Vineyard
The Wine Road - Dealu Mare Vineyard THE WINE ROAD DEALU MARE VINEYARD Dealu Mare vineyard, the most compact wine region in Romania, is situated on the Southern Subcarpathian hills, covering hills and valleys located between the river Teleajen to the west and the river Buzau to east, on the territories of Prahova and Buzau counties, between parallels 44°59′ – 45°32′ north latitude and 26°02′ [...]
Wine Tours in Dragasani vineyard and its grape varieties
Wine Tours in Dragasani vineyard and its grape varieties Wine toursim at Dragasani vineyard and its grape varieties Romania is one of the few countries that can take pride in a millennium tradition of viticulture, being a highly appreciated country in this field until the Second World War. Dragasani vineyard is part of the wine region of Muntenia and Oltenia’s hills and is the oldest vineyard of Oltenia. It lies between the Getic [...]
Sibiu, my Transylvania!
Sibiu, my Transylvania! Sibiu distinguishes itself by a rich historical patrimony created during its almost 900 years of existence. The first documentary mention regarding the Sibian lands dates back to December 20th 1191, when Pope Celestin the 3rd confirmed the free clerical leadership of the Germans in Transylvania, leadership which had its headquarters at Sibiu. We present you below several personal [...]
Sighisoara SIGHISOARA - TRANSYLVANIA This experience, taking a walk on the streets of Sighisoara, will give you the sensation that you’re on a drama/comedy/romance/political/documentary/medieval film set. In the 12th century, the talk was that a new city would be founded by the saxons. So the saxons colonized the surroundings of the river - TARNAVA MARE giving birth to the citadel (THE OLD [...]
Biertan fortified church - UNESCO monument
Biertan fortified church - UNESCO monument BIERTAN FORTIFIED CHURCH UNESCO MONUMENT Biertan is a typical Saxon village, easily accessible, located just south of Tarnava Mare, in Sibiu County. In the centre of BIERTAN there is one of the most imposing and well-fortified churches in Transylvania. Around it, there are still preserved streets paved with medieval arches dating back hundreds of years. The fortress-church was first [...]
Viscri - going back in time
Viscri - going back in time VISCRI – GOING BACK IN TIME Viscri is one of the most famous Saxon villages in Transylvania, mainly due to fortified churches included in the list of UNESCO monuments. It is located 42 km away from Sighisoara. It is a place with its own rules, old of hundreds of years, where there are no double-pane windows or bright-colored facades. It has no more than 500 inhabitants, out of which [...]
Sarmizegetusa Regia
Sarmizegetusa Regia SARMIZEGETUSA REGIA At 1200 m height, "Fortress on the cliff" or Sarmizegetusa Regia is the largest Geto-Dacian fortification. The capital and most important political, military and religious center of the Dacic state, Sarmizegetusa is part of the defensive system of king Decebalus, which includes 6 fortresses. On the terrace outside of the city, the sacred area of Sarmizegetusa is sprinkled [...]
Corvin Castle
Corvin Castle CORVIN CASTLE MUSEUM The climax of medieval Gothic art in Europe is located in Romania, the Corvin Castle (also called Hunyadi Castle). Close to Zlasti river, in the 14th century, this relic of our ancestors' history was built, replacing an old Roman fort. Noble residence, the castle has undergone numerous rehabilitation processes along its 7 centuries of existence. For this reason, Corvin [...]
Beciul Domnesc Winery - Historical Monument
Beciul Domnesc Winery - Historical Monument BECIUL DOMENSC WINERY - HISTORICAL MONUMENT - Beciul Domnesc winery is located in Odobesti, Vrancea county, just 14 km from Focsani city. This historical monument dates from the fourteenth century, during the reign of Stephen the Great. In 1834, Prince Michael Sturza, entering into possession of over 200 hectares of vineyards, became the owner of the ruins as well as two stone cellars. One [...]
Transfagarasan TRANSFAGARASAN is one of the most famous roads in Romania, well known in Europe, because of the height it was built at, beautiful landscapes and numerous switchbacks. Transfagarasan ranks second as altitude in the mountain roads top in Romania, reaching 2042 m near Lake Balea, right after Transalpina in Parang which goes up to 2145 m. It has a length of about 151 km, links Transylvania and [...]
Bethlen Haller Castle, symbol of Jidvei wines
Bethlen Haller Castle, symbol of Jidvei wines THE BETHLEN - HALLER CASTLE Symbol of Jidvei wines The Bethlen – Haller Castle lies in Cetatea de Balta, Alba County, half the distance between Tarnaveni and Blaj. Built between 1570 and 1580 in the north-east of the village, the castle was completely redone between 1615 and 1624 by count Stefan Bethlen who based his construction on the example of Chambord castle in France. Becoming the [...]
Cetatea Alba Carolina The White Fortress
Cetatea Alba Carolina The White Fortress ALBA CAROLINA FORTRESS The “Golden Grape” wine contest offered me the possibility to visit Cetatea Alba Carolina (The White Fortress) -in the medieval City of Alba Iulia on Citadelei Hill, which is considered to be one of the seven wonders of Romania. The interior of the castle was refurbished between 2012 and 2014. The most representative Vauban bastion fortification in [...]


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