Why is it recommended to buy wine from specialized wine stores?
Why is it recommended to buy wine from specialized wine stores? In contemporary Bucharest, specialized wine stores are often embedded in or associated with wine bars. The atmosphere inside a specialized wine shop and its philosophy make the difference between a sterile experience and a comfortable, informative shopping experience. Wine bars/shops offer a wide variety of wines from different grape varieties, from different countries of the world, vinified in [...]
Food and Wine Pairing
Food and Wine Pairing Food and wine paring is not as complicated as it sounds. First of all, pairing wines and food is entirely an experience personalised by you and your taste buds, says Eddie Osterland, Master Sommelier. Properly chosen, wine acts like a spice rather than a beverage. Like salt and pepper or a squeeze of lemon on fish, wine enhances and amplifies food flavours. When combining foods and wines, the [...]
What is terroir and what does it do for wine?
What is terroir and what does it do for wine? Terroir is a french word (terre) derived from the Latin (terratorium) and expresses a historical and cultural concept. The wine is deeply related to the place - the natural aspects of the terroir, but also to the people - wine experts choices. The effect of these features reflects on the taste and quality of the wine. Natural aspects of the terroir: type of soil form of the land [...]
The corkscrew - utility and great valued art
The corkscrew - utility and great valued art Corkscrew Private Collection, the largest corkscrews collection in the world, was inaugurated in 2015 in Bucharest and homologated in the same year by the Guinness Book of Records. Now the exhibition comprises over 25,000 individual pieces, without duplicates, gathered during over more than a decade of passion, dedication and team work assembled by someone hypnotized by the diversity and [...]
Dessert wine – straw wine
Dessert wine – straw wine Grapes are harvested in late autumn, in October or even later, and then they are stored in airy spaces. The clusters are placed on racks and mats (to avoid mold) in order to dry and reduce or eliminate water (dehydration) present in berries. Concentration of sugar and flavors grows. They are stored during the winter, until they’ve frozen, and then they are gently hand-crushed. Fermentation [...]
Winemaking in Romania
Winemaking in Romania Winemaking has well defined areas, and within these areas wines under controlled origin can be produced. Winemaking habitat units in Romania are: The winemaking region spans over a large distance which usually coincides with the historical province. It has some common characteristics regarding environmental conditions, the range of grape varieties and variety of wines that can be obtained. The [...]
The Basics of Wine Tasting
The Basics of Wine Tasting - you'll need a white surface to examine the colour; - you will be unpopular if you smoke, wear parfume or have a strong odor at formal tastings; - Whatever the occasion, it will be much easier to taste wine without being bothered by odors, though, in certain social events you may as well sacrifice the brief flavour of a Pinot Gris for the exotic scent of a perfume or the pleasure of a [...]
Choosing the right wine glass, or how to enjoy your wine at home
Choosing the right wine glass, or how to enjoy your wine at home Choosing the right wine glass, or how to enjoy your wine at home There are many types of wine glasses for different types of wine, and their choice can be complicated if you don’t have in mind a few basic concepts. There are 4 basic components that all wine glasses have: · the foot that ensures the stability and the vertical position of the glass · [...]
Wine Serving Temperatures
Wine Serving Temperatures According to convention, white and rosé wines are served cold and red ones are served at "room temperature", which is a fairly vague term. It's nice to know that this is just a convention - if you don't obey this rule, you could enhance your pleasure. Demi-sweet white wines, sparkling wines and champagne are served at lower temperatures 6-8°C White wines and dry rose wines [...]
Oak barrels
Oak barrels The number of uses of an oak barrel has an impact on the final taste of the wine. The newer the barrel, the more flavour and tannin it will give the wine. Less famous Bordeaux vineyards use barrels that have been used before and therefore the effect isn't the same as it is in the case of quality wines. The aroma of the wine may be influenced by the method of matching the barrels and the [...]
The disgorgment
The disgorgment Disgorgement (dégorgement in French) is a step in making champagne and other bottle fermented sparkling wines. After the second fermentation the wine rests on the yeast cells, called lees, for a period of time, usually between 15 and 36 months (though most producers age for much longer then the minimum). This is called aging sur lie, or on the lees. Disgorgement - the process of [...]



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