Rasova Winery - Cernavoda Area
Winery visits - Wine tastings - Restaurant
Wine tastings in Dobrogea from 60 lei/person
Jardine Hills - Dealu Mare
Bed, Breakfast & Wine
3 cottages, 4 people each
Avincis Winery - Vila Dobrusa - Dragasani
Winery visits - Wine tastings
Wine tastings in Dragasani vineyard from 45 lei/person
Stirbey Winery - Dragasani
Winery visits - Wine tastings
Wine tastings in Dragasani vineyard from 75 lei/person
Basilescu Winery - Casa din Vie - Prahova
Winery Visits - Wine Tastings
Wine tastings in Dealu Mare vineyard from 50 lei/person
Bauer Winery - Dragasani
Winery visits - Wine tastings
Wine tastings in dragasani vineyard from 95 lei/person
Domeniul Dragasi - Dragasani
Winery visits - Wine tastings - Accommodation
Wine tastings from 50 lei/person
Petro Vaselo Winery - Timis
Winery visits - Wine tastings
Wine tastings near Timisoara from 25 lei/person, minimum 10 pers.
Crama Aurelia Visinescu - Dealu Mare
Winery visits - Wine tastings
Wine tastings from 85 lei/person


Wine Map Vineyards Romania 2017


If you're a oenophile and would like to visit Romanian wineries but don’t know where

to start, you’re in the right place. On ReVino.ro you will find details of wine tourism, accommodation at the wineries or close by, impressive vineyards, wine tastings,

events, wine bars and wine stories directly from the producers.


We invite you to experiment with new tastes, aromas, trips and gastronomy, to get to

know the people behind the vines, sample traditional food and discover Romanian wines.



header show 21-22 noiembrie EN


Revino Cheese & Wine Show, 21-22 November 2020, brings together premium cheeses and wines, in a special event under the Revino umbrella at Novotel Hotel, Calea Victoriei 37 B, Bucharest.


Over the two days of the event, leading producers invite you to try local cheeses, from all regions of Romania, as well as from countries with a tradition in this area.


And naturally we will pair the cheeses with wines from local and international wineries. Because is this not one of the classic food couples? Wine and cheese enhance each other’s qualities and aromas, offering an unsurpassable culinary pleasure.


The exhibitors at Revino Cheese & Wine Show will come with wines and cheeses for those with a passion for the products as well as Horeca representatives. The tastings will be complemented by masterclasses, delivered by specialists in the field.


Whatever your preferences, we are confident that we have the right cheese and wine for you!



Romania wineries & vineyards, romanian wine grape varieties, wine tastings
Premium wine tastings 
9-11 May 2020
Premium cheese and wine tastings
21-22 November 2020

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