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Basilescu winery history – over one century life


Basilescu winery’s story possesses an exquisite relish, in similar fashion to the wines that are produced here. The world unfolds on account of visionaries, who feel and act prior to their era. Such visionaries were Nicolae and Aristide Basilescu. Nicolae Basilescu, born in Urlaţi in 1860, distinguished himself from the very beginning through his extraordinary intelligence and ambition which helped him overcome his social limits. He became well-known as an illustrious personality of the XIX century Romanian society, being dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, holding the leading position for the longest period in the history of this institution, and founder of the Bucureştii Noi district


As any grand creation is born of a divine awareness, Basilescu wines have weaved their origins from a beautiful love story between young Aristide Basilescu and the young lady Aglae Saint Georges de Posingen, descendant of a family that is documentary established since 400 A.D.. Their love has been a blessing for the Urlaţi’s vinicultural activity as well. Nicolae Basilescu’s noble mission has been inherited by his son, Aristide Basilescu, who held a leading position of the Political Economy Department of University of Bucharest. associated with Capşa restaurant and Maison de Champagne St. Marceaux&


Integrity, love, revolutionary vision, devotion, are but a few of the underlying elements passed on to Basilescu wines.


Nicolae Basilescu & St. Marceaux&Co – quality endorsement


Between 1910-1921, through his own efforts and with the help of several institutions (Marmorosch Blank et Co. Bank, Industrial Credit National Society, National Bank of Romania, Maison de Champaigne St. Marceaux & Co., France), N. Basilescu refurbishes the Beer Factory from Bucureştii Noi and converts it to the Natural Champagne Factory.


On the 28th of January, 1928, Maison de Champaigne St. Marceau&Co. (whose foundations were laid in Reims in 1837), authorizes the association of its own label with Nicolae Basilescu’s name for the champagne created in his winery. This was a sign of unmitigated trust in the quality of the wine created at Urlaţi, where Basilescu family had their winery and viniculture domain.


In high regards to the whereabouts of prominent psyches of the era – from writers, actors, painters, poets, to politicians and diplomats – and for the friendship shared with Capşa family, Nicolae Basilescu entrusts sales and acting on his behalf to Capsa House. Several labels, such as Grand Capşa 1921, Capşa 1921, Riesling Capşa, Cloş Bob Capşa, Capşa Rouge, Pelin Capşa, were part of his own private range of products, deliberately created for the famous restaurant.

However, this success story ends abruptly in 1949, when the state sequestrates all goods and terrains that belonged to the Basilescu family. Its members are relocated in Mizil, where they were forced to live until 1964




The tradition carries on through the revival of Basilescu Winery. Fulfilling the dream of creating unique, exceptional wines, through reclaiming the vineyards began after 2003, when Nicolae Basilescu’s legacy contrives to reacquire part of the goods, among which are the Urlaţi’s vineyard and manor house.

The vineyards, manor house and the new winery established in 2008 represents today the place where old traditions find modern bonds. The vineyards with preponderant Romanian grape varieties are brought back to life and cared for with love and expertise, such that they can offer high quality wines, distinguished through elegance, excellence and refinement.


Basilescu Winery philosophy is founded upon the valorization of the oneness of the terroir, expressed through soil, climate, land plots positioning, cultivated grape varieties and wine-making technology. Basilescu tradition – devotion, passion, ethics – carries on today through the winery’s young group, which adds modern grape-processing knowledge to age’s redolence. Basilescu wines represent the result of thorough efforts in the vineyard and winery as well.


Basilescu wine retains bits of interbellum’s history, reminding us of the strong and revolutionary character of Basilescu visionaries; it is a way of going back in time, of merging with Basilescu ideals, with passion and desire of emancipation.


Touristic attractions: Conacul Belu, Manastirea Jercalai



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The rooms are furnished with wooden furniture: double bed, retro lamps, wardrobe, table, chair, hanger, drapes, linen, mirror, LCD TV. Each room has its own bathroom.

Free WI-FI Internet available in the public area.

Special area set out for smokers. Indoor smoking is strictly forbidden.

Free parking for our guest. 24/7 video surveillance in public places.

Hot tub (ciubar) type wood system with salted and heated water, equipped with whirlpool, chromotherapy and hydromassage, in the middle of nature - under development - additional cost.




Corporate services: The wines tastings / games / wine championships for teambuildings and conferences.


Prices are valid for groups of min. 10 people. For smaller groups, prices are available on request.




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