Rasova Winery - Cernavoda Area - Dobrogea


Address: Vifor Hill, Parcela 345, Cernavoda, Constanta Co.

Phone: +40 720 737 777

Email: office@cramarasova.ro

Website: www.cramarasova.ro

GPS coordinates: 44.34, 28.02


Crama Rasova – one of the newest and most modern wine cellars in Romania.


Vifor Hill, a place with an outstanding display, pouring its crest in the sun reflected by the sea and stung by the Danubian breeze at dusk.


Thus, Rasova wine cellar, an investment of over 5mil euro outlooks the bridge built by Anghel Saligny during the reign of Carol I (1890-1895). The wine cellar’s architecture was realized in collaboration with “Igloo”, one of the most known design & architecture studio in Romania. The cellar’s design is not randomly chosen as it blends in with the natural dynamic of the environment “like a pile of rocks which rises from the earth”, as the architect Bruno Andresoiu said.


Its name comes from the nearby village, Sacidava, a very old place where one can find the roman castrum.


Our Wines stretch over 50 hectares of young plantation found in different stages of development. One can find a variety of wines such as

Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Muscat Ottonel (white wines) and Pinot Noir, Carbenet Sauvignon, Feteasca Neagra, Syrah and Merlot (red wines).


Every year, the grapes, carefully harvested, are deposited in our wine cellar, which has a capacity of over 400.000L.

The Sun is different here in Dobrogea, at the Murfatlar Vineyard, especially at Rasova. It shines longer here than in any other parts of the country, over 2100 hours annually. Thus, the sun represents our symbol.


This wonderful place is being rendered profitable with the help of Italian winemakers, through our collection wines Rasova and Tortuga.


We kindly invite you to visit Crama Rasova which can be easily reached at just 5 minutes from the Sun Highway from Cernavoda’s knot road.



Winery visits - Wine tastings - Restaurant

Winery tour, wine tasting - 3 wines, cheese / 30 minutes / minimum 4 people
60.0 lei / (8.0 euro)
Winery tour, wine tasting - 6 wines, cheese and local salami / 45 minutes / minimum 4 people
120.0 lei / (16.0 euro)


Winery visits contact:


E-mail: salut@cramarasova.ro; office@cramarasova.ro


Phone: +40 720 737 777


Booking in advance with minimum one week prior.

Groups between four and 90 people.


Upon request, for groups of at least 20 people, gourmet tastings, food and wine pairing to guarantee a unique experience for curious explorers can be organized. For groups of over 20 people, the presentation of the technological process is done in several steps.


Facilitate: restaurant, parking cars, terraces.


Payment by cash and card.


Prices to the services offered by wineries, hotels and specialty stores listed on the website may not be accurate and may be altered at any time.





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