Oprisor Winery


Address: Oprisor Vlg., Mehedinti Co, 227335

Phone: +4 021 252 49 62

Email: office@crama-oprisor.ro

Website: www.crama-oprisor.com/

GPS coordinates: 44.2955765, 23.0389083

Placed in “Valea Ursului” (Bear’s Valley), the way neighbouring old people still call the riverbed, Oprişor Winery is settled in the midst of Oltenia area, very close to the Danube Crook, where “Golul Drincei” (Drincea Hollow) falls about. A land many routes go to, but nobody has reached for long – as if it had been taken aback waiting for a traveller eager to listen to its story.


Acknowledged since ancient times for its huge high-rate potential, Oprişor’s wine-growing area was brought back to life in 2001, when Golul Drincei foothills and slopes were re-planted with 252 hectares of grapevine. The winery house was raised at some hundred-metre distance from the plantation proper.


More than 14 years ago, Oprişor Wine Estate, offered to wine amateurs the first editions of the Val Duna and La Cetate (“At the Citadel”) series, two promises which have since been turned into reliable successes.


OLTENIA PROFUNDĂ (“THE INMOST OLTENIA”) is the new developed wine concept able to interpret and illustrate metaphorically Oltenian culture and traditions. Describing the individual series, the concept succeeded to provide substance to the historical and spiritual values of this southern province of Romania.


The second direction, ART & WINE, displays limited series of performance wines, highlighting the dialogue between the creators working for Oprişor Winery and contemporary aesthetic creation. The result stands for an oeuvre consisting in wine’s alchemy, in the particular concepts, as well as in bottle-and-label design.

Oprisor wines, here.


Winery & Farm Visits - Wine Tastings

Winery and farm tour, 9 wines – 2 Maiastru + 3 Caloian + 4 La Cetate and a bottle of Caloian/ person for free
50.0 lei / (12.0 euro)
Winery and farm tour, 11 wines – 2 Maiastru + 3 Caloian + 4 La Cetate + 2 High Premium and a bottle of Caloian/ person for free
75.0 lei / (17.0 euro)




Phone: +4 021 252 49 62/63/66; +4 0748 883 335


E-mail: office@crama-oprisor.ro


Booking 15 days in advance are necessary.  

Groups of 2 to 20 people.




Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 18.00


The wine tastings are including light finger food, cheese, salami, local bread.


Wifi: YES


Playment in Ron with cash. Playment by card: NO


Prices with VAT.


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Oprisor WineryOprisor WineryOprisor WineryOprisor WineryOprisor WineryOprisor WineryOprisor WineryOprisor WineryOprisor Winery

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