Bauer Winery - Dragasani


Address: 10 Dealul Olt, Dragasani City, Valcea Co

Phone: +4 0757 098 940



GPS coordinates: 44.688301, 24.239566


Bauer Winery was founded in 2012 and is located in Dragasani, Valcea Co., in the heart of Dragasani Vineyard.This newly founded winery was designed in order to make possible using a small amount of grapes to make wine. Extremely rare grape varieties are used, which are gathered from old parcels of land and are well taken care of.The Philosophy of the winery, "Natural Creativity" is the embodiment of our trust in diversity, not in the concept of "the best wine".


Owners: Raluca and Oliver Bauer


Wine expert: Oliver Bauer


Wine labels: “Bauer”


Vine varieties: Sauvignonasse, Sauvignon Blanc, Crâmpoşie Selecţionată, Fetească Regala, Negru de Dragasani, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Feteasca Neagra


Oenologic tourism/ winetasting at the winery:

Dragasani vineyard is rich in traditional wine varieties, beauty and natural diversity, open-minded people, exceptional oenologists as well as wines with personality. Bauer winery can be visited in any season. We are waiting for you to taste our wines in winter, spring, autumn or summer.


Activities (solely for those who make an appointment beforehand; for groups of at least 4 people):

- winery visit

Logo Crama Bauer

- wine tasting

- wine tasting and food association

- concerts and cultural activities


Additional benefits:

- visit planning support Vâlcea Co.: Horezu, Mănăstirea dintr-un lemn, Mănăstirea Horezu, Ocnele Mari

- hotel booking support

- bus booking support



Winery visits & Wine tastings

Winery tour and 5 wines (white/red) and matured cheese plate
165.0 lei / (33.0 euro)
Winery tour and 5 collection wines (white/red) and matured cheese plate
220.0 lei / (45.0 euro)



Contact: Raluca Bauer, +40 757 098 940,


Booking in advance. Groups of 4 to 18 people.


Program: Monday - Sunday (10.00 - 19.00)


Wi-Fi: Yes


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Bauer Winery - DragasaniBauer Winery - DragasaniBauer Winery - DragasaniBauer Winery - DragasaniBauer Winery - DragasaniBauer Winery - DragasaniBauer Winery - DragasaniBauer Winery - Dragasani

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