Stirbey Winery - Dragasani


Address: Dealul Olt Street, Dragasani City, Valcea Co

Phone: +4 0751 252 272



GPS coordinates: 44.7029823, 24.2398352

Rebirth of a tradition

For over 300 years, the Stirbey Family has owned vineyards in the Dragasani wine region. Wines are grown here according to well-developed principles, preserved by each generation. We wish to preserve those principles and pass them on to the future generations.
We are devoted to traditional grape varieties that have evolved over the centuries. They have adapted to the pedo-climatic conditions of the vineyard and only there can they fully develop their personality. Vinifying them separately, we are only producing single grape wines in order to reveal the individual character of each variety.

Soil, climate, flora and fauna, as well as customs of people working in our vineyards and in our winery, they all stongly influence the development of our grapes and wines – giving each single parcel a specific character – synthesized as Terroir or, in a more profound understanding, Genius Loci – the spirit of the place. Our aim is to convey this Genius Loci in all our wines.


Nature has priority We are convinced that the forces of nature can give us much healthier and durable products than any human technical intervention could. We nurture the grapevines only by manual work and not mechanically, thus reducing chemical treatments down to a minimum. At vinification we respect the nature’s rythm in fermentation and aging, thus not forcing the process through technical interventions.


Ştirbey Quality SealFor many generations, the Stirbey family has actively contributed to the development of the Romanian nation. Thus, Prince Stirbey became a synonym for excellency. We guarantee that by their outstanding quality, all Prince Stirbey wines are worthy of this name.


Owners: Ileana and Jakob Kripp


Wine expert: Oliver Bauer


Wine labels: Prince Stirbey

Logo Stirbey


Activities (with prior appointment, for groups of minimum 5 people):

- winery visit

- wine tasting

- wine tasting and food association


 Additional services:

- sightseeing support Vâlcea Co.: Horezu, Mănăstirea dintr-un lemn, Mănăstirea Horezu, Ocnele Mari

- hotel reservation support

- bus reservation support



Winery Visits - Wine Tastings

Winery tour and standard wine tasting - 5 wines (white/red), from which 3 premium wines
98.0 lei / (20.0 euro)
Winery tour and premium wine tasting - 5 wines (white/red), from which 3 premium wines and snacks
130.0 lei / (27.0 euro)



Contact: Raluca Bauer, +4 0751 252 272,


Booking in advance. Groups of 5 to 15 people.


Program: Monday - Sunday, 10.00 - 18.00


Wi-Fi: Yes


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