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Because autumn is the heyday of vineyards and we promote Romanian wine tourism, ReVino team organized a new trip to wineries, this time in Dealu Mare. Dealu Mare is one of the main attractions for wine enthusiasts, and it is one of the most famous wine regions in the country.
Because the tour was scheduled for only one day, we limited the trip to three wineries: LacertA, Viile Metamorfosis and Domeniile Tohani.
With some trepidation caused by the weather, on Saturday, October 10, at 9:30, ReVino coach left Bucharest for the first destination: LacertA Winery - one of the most beautiful wineries in Romania in terms of architecture, at the same time having one of the most talented indigenous winemakers: Mihai Banita. Located 100 km from Bucharest, the winery is open to visitors, can accommodate seminars and teambuldings and is the perfect place for a quick escape from the city. LacertA is a boutique winery that covers just 82 hectares and focuses on producing premium and super-premium wines.


Crama Lacerta


At the winery, oenologist Mihai Baniţă himself welcomed us, and instantly charmed the participants. He showed us around and offered, for tasting, wines in three different stages of fermentation, from stum, to the final wine. He told us about the steps of winemaking, from the vineyard to the bottle and at the end was the long awaited tasting. We were 28 thirsty people, so we opted for five wines tasting package. Mihai chose some of his most iconic creations, starting with a light Riesling and ending with the well known Cuvee IX, in applause.
For more details about LacertA winery visits, click here. LacertA constantly welcomes visitors, being one of the most visited wineries in the area. People here are kind and ready to answer any question about wine.
Arms loaded with bottles of wine purchased at the winery, we boarded the bus and headed to the next destination: Viile Metamorfosis. Smiling and enthusiastic, Fiorenzo Rista was waiting for us. Fiorenzo is in Romania since 1998, and three years ago he became an associate of Viile Metamorfosis winery.


Viile Metamorfosis


"Viile Metamorfosis" covers an area of ​​100 hectares, of which 72 are bearing fruit. Vitis Metamorfosis obtained certification in 2013 for the first harvest of organic grapes, from the Austria Bio Guarantee - one of the European leaders in inspection and certification of organic farming. Organic farming prohibits the use of fertilizers and pesticides, soil maintenance is done only by using natural fertilizers. This is, however, only one of the interesting details that this winery can offer.
The tour began with the Vitis Metamorfosis story, how people from Villa Antinori got to invest in Romania, how they brought an Italian architect who fell in love with the surroundings of Dealu Mare. The recently built winery is equipped with modern technology, but preserved much of the traditional machinery such as concrete wine tanks.
Fiorenzo received countless questions about wine and winemaking from participants. He took us with him for a walk and showed us the journey that grapes take until turning into wine: from de-stemming, selection, wood or stainless steel fermentation, up until bottling and labeling. The visit ended in the tasting room, where we tasted five wines presented by Fiorenzo, with cheese and other delicious snacks. Visitors left delighted by the new things they learned, praising Fiorenzo until the end.


Domeniile Tohani


The visit to Domeniile Tohani began in a special way. Marina Samoilă, Brand Manager of the winery, firstly showed us the Tămâioasă Românească vineyard, to tell us a few words about the winery and the wine's journey. A tour of the winery followed, and the story of the winery itself.
Tohani wines are produced on the old estate of Prince Nicolae of Romania, brother of King Carol II. Prince fell in love at first sight and for the rest of his life with Ioana Dolette, a stunningly beautiful woman, but of no noble origin. The two lived a love story against all prejudices of the time. Despite restrictions to his title, Prince Nicolae and Ioana Dolette get married in secret on October 28, 1931, at the Church and the Town Hall of Tohani. So the prince sacrificed all his royal rights and Ioana Dolette remained the love of his life. Together, they founded the estate of Tohani. Today, the winery spans 500 hectares, being the largest wine producer in Dealu Mare.
The cream of the crop, however, was visiting the wine-cellar, built in 1960. It covers an area of ​​approximately 3500mp and has 10 caves, each with their own personality and their own wines.


Ferma Dacilor


Domeniile Tohani wine tasting marked the end of our visit to wineries on Saturday, but not the end of the day. We kept something special for the end. Located on the wine road in Tohani, in Gura Vadului village - Prahova County, Ferma Dacilor has a capacity of 120 people and offers accomodation to guests (8 double rooms). Besides the delicious traditional Romanian cuisine, prepared with natural ingredients locally produced, Ferma Dacilor offers a multitude of activities for all tastes: from hunting to off-roading and mountain biking (enduro), to paramotoring, paragliding, biking, climbing and ziplining.
Dinner at Ferma Dacilor was the perfect end to a busy day of wine and walks. I ate traditional dishes, we continued to enjoy the Domeniile Tohani wines and we recapped the fascinating moments of the day. promote wine tourism and Romanian wine with passion and dedication. We have not been able, however, to popularize this concept without the enthusiasm and energy of wine lovers and of the producers who have shown openness towards this project. Thank you!



TEXT: Alexandra Hash   ▪ ▪ ▪   PHOTO: Alina Iancu



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