Corvin Castle



The climax of medieval Gothic art in Europe is located in Romania, the Corvin Castle (also called Hunyadi Castle). Close to Zlasti river, in the 14th century, this relic of our ancestors' history was built, replacing an old Roman fort.
Noble residence, the castle has undergone numerous rehabilitation processes along its 7 centuries of existence. For this reason, Corvin Castle has been preserved in such a good condition, and this is also why it combines several styles, ie Gothic, neo-Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.




Tens of thousands of visitors from around the world come annually to the grand castle in Hunedoara, fascinated by the legends associated to the building:

Legend of the Raven - Legend has it that Sigismund of Luxembourg (Hungarian king of that era) and Elizabeth from Haţegului Country had an illegitimate son, John (Iancu) of Hunedoara. To cover up the truth, the King arranged the marriage of Elizabeth with a mighty aboriginal named Voicu, and gave his son a gold ring to recognize him. One day, a raven tried to steal the ring, but Iancu took out his bow and killed it. Finding out the story, the king decided that the symbol of the family should be the raven with a golden ring in its beak, and the family should bear the name of Corvin.

Legend of the Fountain - Legend has it that the fountain in the castle courtyard was dug by three Turkish prisoners, under the promise that they would be released as soon as they find water. The promise was not fulfilled, although prisoners have completed the task after 15 years. One of them engraved the well with a text in old Arabic, which according to the legend, means "you've got water, but no heart." But in reality, the inscription translates as "he who wrote this is Hassan, prisoner in the fortress near the church."
Along with Peles and Bran, Corvin Castle is part of the list of most fascinating castles in the world and is a tourist attraction worth visiting.


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