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Feteasca Regala is one of the best known and most sought after varieties of grape in Romania. Discovered near Sighisoara, Transylvania, in 1920, it is supposed to be a hybrid of Feteasca Alba and Grasa de Cotnari (source Ampelografia). According, the genitals confirmed by the molecular analyzes are Feteasca Alba and Francusa.




Danasana, Galbena de Ardeal, Kirayleanka, Konigliche Madchentraube, Konigsast


Grape characteristics

It is a semi-aromatic wine, like Chardonnay. Owing to its high production rate (15-20 t/ha), it was widely drunk and very popular during the communist period, when mass production was favoured. Regions of production are found throughout the country.


The vine is relatively frost resistant, but sensitive to mould. The flowers are hermaphrodite, and the vine is self-pollinating. The grape skin contains a concentration of tannins, which is unusual in a white wine grape. A Feteasca Regala grape’s concentration of sugar can exceed 220 g/l (or 13% ABV) in warmer years.


The harvest period is close to that of Merlot (mid-September).



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Wine produced

Generally, as it reaches full maturity every year, Feteasca Regala offers a wide range starting from light to medium-bodied wines if vinified in stainless steel tanks to full-bodied versions if aged in barrels, wines with an intense aroma and great aging potential. It can give exceptional sparkling wines.


Flavors and aromas

Flowers such as rose, wildflowers

Fruit such as dried apricots, or almonds, especially for wine aged in barrels


Suggested food pairings

For a young Feteasca Regala:

  • veal brisket or boiled beef tongue with baked potatoes and horseradish cream sauce
  • pan-fried trout with boiled potatoes and parsley
  • cabbage rolls on sliced beef with sour cream and polenta
  • grilled bream in sage butter with chips
  • pan-fried shrimp in olive oil, garlic, rosemary and hot peppers
  • baked turbot with crustacean cream sauce and wild rice


For a mature Feteasca Regala (aged in wooden barrels):

  • classic risotto with porcini mushrooms
  • roast chicken with seasonal vegetables and mashed potato
  • veal brisket or boiled beef tongue with baked potatoes and horseradish cream sauce
  • classic aubergine spread with fresh bread made on the hob
  • classic baked ratatouille
  • cabbage rolls on sliced beef with sour cream and polenta

Feteasca Regala 1


Feteasca Regala 2


Feteasca Regala 3



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