Local grape variety, originating from Maderat village and cultivated in Minis-Maderat vineyard, Arad county.


There are several controversies over its origins: in the foreign literature, some say that Mustoasa de Maderat is one and the same with the Hungarian variety of Lampor Feher or that it comes from this variety.


This variety is characterised by vigorous growth, while the one year old shoots can easily exceed three meters high.


It is a self-fertile variety, cultivated in plantations and does not need other pollinating varieties.


When ripped, the 15-18 cm grapes are wrapped due to the density, while having a greenish-yellow color with rusty dots.


Generally speaking, Mustoasa de Maderat has a medium grape production, with an average of 10.000 kg/ha.


The picking takes place at the end of September, or in the first half of October.


Having a fairly high acidity (about 6g/l), the wines are fresh and fruity. Also, due to this acidity, Mustoasa de Maderat wines are suitable for making quality sparkling wines and wine distillates.


One can consume this wine as an appetiser, due to its freshness and its fruitfulness, or along with fish, chicken or turkey meat and with soft cheeses.


Source: Wikipedia


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