Negru de Dragasani grape variety was obtained by Marculescu M. and Vladasel M. through individual selection at SCDVV Dragasani. It was obtained as a result of the sexual hybridization between Negru vartos and Saperavi and it was released in 1993.


Ampelographic characters. Adult leaves are medium sized (three-five lobs), linty on the lowerside. The flowers are normal hermaphrodite.


The grapes are medium in size, cylindrical shaped, uniaxial, bi-winged or three-winged. The berry is medium (2.0 - 2.5 g), egg-shaped, and bluish-black in color.


The pulp is red and juicy, non fragrant and has a rich taste.


In Dragasani vineyard bud opening is triggered roughly in mid April and vegetation period lasts 180-185 days.


The logs have a medium vigor and good fertility. Good resistance to frost and mildew. The variety shows medium resistance to mildew and gray mold; yield potential of 4.8-10-16 t/ha.


The grapes reach full maturity in mid September. At full maturity, the grapes accumulate on average 233-234 g/l sugar and 4.5 g/l acidity (H2SO4). High anthocyanin content.


Freshness and fruitiness.


Suitable for aging in oak barrels and then in bottles.


Smell and taste: black cherry, blueberries, blackberries, sloes, brown spices.


Can be served along with young and fresh cheese, red meat, pasta or risotto.


Source: Nedelut Dumitru, Oliver Bauer


Negru de Dragasani 1


Negru de Dragasani 2


Negru de Dragasani 3





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