Created by SCDVV Odobesti, Vrancea County in 1972 by natural fecundation of Italian Riesling (Welschriesling). It is a semi-aromatic variety recommended to be consumed young and fresh.


Sarba gives average-sized, tapered bunches, with compact grapes and a short, lignified peduncle; the grapes are average-sized, spherical, with a thick, greenish yellow skin and a juicy flesh with discreet aroma, with a juice acidity of 7–7,5 g/l.


Harvest is in mid-September, and the grapes accumulate approximately 220-240 g sugar/l of juice.


Alcoholic strength of 11 to 12 degrees, the acidity is medium, 5.5-6 g/l. 

Smell and taste: intense yet delicate flavors of roses, basil, lindenbloom and honey.


Light and crisp yet persistent in taste and finish aftertaste.


Best served with snacks, fish, seafood, crayfish, duck or grouse liver, goat’s cheese, asparagus and artichoke, mushrooms and white meat.


Source: Valentin Sercovschi (winemaker)


sarba grape



sarba grape


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