Sarmizegetusa Regia



At 1200 m height, "Fortress on the cliff" or Sarmizegetusa Regia is the largest Geto-Dacian fortification. The capital and most important political, military and religious center of the Dacic state, Sarmizegetusa is part of the defensive system of king Decebalus, which includes 6 fortresses.
On the terrace outside of the city, the sacred area of Sarmizegetusa is sprinkled with sanctuaries. The best known of these, the Great Sanctuary, is similar to the English monument Stonehenge, and had calendar function. From this we can deduce the Dacian passion and skill in astronomy. Andesite Sun is also a calendar, a very exactly one indeed, comparable to the Mayan calendar.
Also in Sarmizegetusa there are other relics of Dacian history. These include a pot with the text "Decebalus per Scorilo" (Decebal son of Scorilo), limestone blocks inscribed with Greek letters, and numerous gold coins with the inscription "KOSON".
The fortress is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Other attractions in the area are the Haţeg fortress, the Church of Densus, Malaiesi Fortress, and others. Discover the fascinating Dacian civilization at its source, in Orastiei Mountains.


sarmizecetusa regia



sarmizecetusa regia



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