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In an era when everything is digitalized, some people still perceive wine as this traditional concept of the liquid sent from gods, squeezed by virgin feet, fermented by an old man in wooden barrels. But it’s not. Wine evolved just as we did and the same happened with its communication.
That’s why we are happy to announce the 2015 Digital Wine Communication Conference. It is taking place on October 23 - 25 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The event is at its 8th edition and will bring together wine professionals and wine lovers from all over the world.
The Digital Wine Communications Conference (DWCC) is founded and organized by Vrazon, a wine marketing and conversation agency, finding ways to build “social” into the wine world through events, blogs, podcasts, speaking engagements, workshops and occasional consultancy.
The original conference was known as the European Wine Bloggers’ Conference, or EWBC, and was first held in the Rioja wine region of Spain. This was the first international event for Wine Bloggers and the first of an ongoing series of conferences and events under the “EWBC” signature.
From an event with 30 participants in 2008 at EWBC in Logroño, La Rioja, Spain, last year, the new version of the conference gathered over 300 participants and represented 37 countries at the Digital Wine Communications Conference in Montreux, Switzerland.
The 2015 DWCC has some great speakers like: Master of Wine Richard Hemming, Ted Popv (GM, EMEASA for Accolade Wines), Felicity Carter (editor-in-chief of Meininger’s Wine Business International) and so many others, including, of course, Ryan Opaz.
This year, at the wine exhibition from DWCC, Romania is sending some of their best representatives, such as SERVE, Davino, Alira, Casa de Vinuri Cotnari, Vinarte, Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu, Girboiu Winery and Oprisor winery.
As they say in their presentation, their goal has always been to create a network of wine communicators across the globe to spread information, broaden the culture of wine, improve industry standards, and above all else, create a physical space to communicate and share ideas.
Among the DWCC founders, Ryan Opaz is one of the most well known wine bloggers in the world. He was born in Minnesota and lives in Porto. Having worked as a wine retailer, chef and butcher, Ryan has explored the worlds of wine and gastronomy from the inside out. Along with Gabriella Opaz and Robert McIntosh, he continues to organize wine events for the purpose of popularizing wine not just as a drink, but as a concept and a way of life.
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 The Digital Wine Communications Conference

Author: Alexandra Hash


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