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A product with an impressive history that begins with the writers of Ancient Greece and Rome first mention of "wine that sparkles" and perfected by the well known monk Dom Perignon from an abbey in Hautvillers (Epernay), which was transformed in a world renowned winery by Claude Moёt in 1743. In almost 270 years sparkling wine has become a product with one of the highest growth rate in the global market of wines.

The history of Romanian sparkling wine begins in the mid-nineteenth century with the agronomist Ion Ionescu from Brad, who first made the wine in 1841 by order of Moldova’s ruler Mihai Gr. Sturdza. Thus, at that time Romania became the fourth country in the world (after France, Germany and Russia) which locally produced sparkling wine. Due to constant work and managerial sense of the oenologist Dr. Eng. Ion Pusca, Panciu vineyard became in 1969, the place where the first classic "Panciu" sparkling wine was created. Later, it became a brand known throughout the country.

Placed on the piedmont steps of the Curvature Sub-Carpathians, the town of Tifesti can be found in the middle of the vineyards, which form Panciu vineyard in the Northern Vrancea County. The particularities of the Sarbilor Hill are the deep calcareous, clay-rich soil developed on friable loess deposits, balanced humidity, moderate temperatures with a mean annual temperature of 10,2 °C and sun exposure with a 3 degree pitch towards East North-East.

"Since 2009 Domeniile Panciu is the heart and soul of the wines produced from more than 120 hectares of vineyards located in this area. I started with a mission that over the years was at the basis of all our activities and decision-making: producing a natural Romanian quality product with continuous capitalization of Panciu vineyard potential. Thus the hard work and dedication of the team capitalized the presence on the market of a portfolio that includes a variety of products from still white wines, rose and red to sparkling wines, all classified into 4 selections Domeniile Panciu, Sagio Panciu, Riserva and Casa Panciu" says Daniel Guzu, owner of the winery.


Domeniile Panciu

One of the most special accomplishments of the winery was the 2012 launching of the Domeniile Panciu sparkling wine brut, obtained by traditional method (champenoise) - fermentation and maturation in the bottle for minimum 2 years. It can be appreciated by the simple consumer and by the judges of specialized competitions. In 2015, it received the bronze medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards.


At the end of 2016, the new selection Domeniile Panciu was launched, Blanc de Blancs and Prestige Cuvée, limited edition available only in HoReCa and specialized stores.

The year 2017 brings blanc de noirs, rose and red. The goal of the winery was and still is to produce Romanian sparkling wine with the capitalization of the full range of technological styles from the Champagne area.


Domeniile Panciu Blanc de Blancs - Chardonnay

A sparkling wine markedDomeniile Panciu, blanc de blancs as the finest of all sparkling wines produced by various traditional methods. Due to Panciu vineyard terroir, the wine has developed organoleptic qualities characteristic to a variety of grapes intensified by a high acidity. The fermentation and maturation in bottle for 18 months under special conditions bring in the glass a faded yellow color with aromas of wild white flowers, the crust of freshly baked bread, lime and subtle mineral notes. In the complex, fresh and balanced taste we can find a mix of green apples, Asian pears, pomelo and roasted nuts. It has a mellow after taste with buttery mascarpone notes on the background.

Domeniile Panciu Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine comes as a perfect combination for the most sophisticated dishes from fine dining that are based on sea products as oysters, golden sterlet caviar, creamy cheese. It perfectly complements the exquisite specialties such as the lobster or sushi with fresh tuna.

It is recommended to be consumed at least two months after the disgorging date written on the label at a temperature of 4-6 °C.


Domeniile Panciu Cuvée Prestige - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Feteasca Regala

In order to produce it,  Domeniile Panciu Cuvée Prestige - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Feteasca Regala the oenologists from Domeniile Panciu have chosen to make a cuvée of 2 European grape varieties Chardonnay and Pinot Noir together with the star of the vineyard - Romanian grape variety Feteasca Regala. By carefully choosing the composition of this blend, the secondary fermentation in the bottle, its maturation in special conditions for 18 months and "à la volée" disgorging (without refrigerating the cylinder), they managed to preserve the refinement of the sparkling wine produced in the style of the famous monk Dom Perignon and completed by the trademark of Panciu terroir.

Its color is yellow and we can taste the aromas of sponge cake that gradually evolves into dry white fruit and honey flavors.


The complex taste of figs, dried apricots, roasted nuts and the light citrus notes are extended by a persistent and pleasant after taste which makes us think of freshly baked pastries.

By associating Domeniile Panciu Prestige Cuvée sparkling wine with crab specialties, smoked salmon, sturgeon caviar, freshwater shrimp and foie gras - we can discover new gastronomic experiences.

It is recommended to be consumed at least two months after the disgorging date written on the label at a temperature of 5-7 °C.


More info about Domeniile Panciu, here.




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