Zghihara de Husi



This variety was grown in Vaslui Co. and it is synonymous to: Zghihara Galbena, Zghihara verde batuta, Poama de Husi, Poama molodoveneasca, Ghihara, Galbena de Husi, Poama zosoneasca, Poama vinoasa de Husi.


The grapes have a greenish-yellow colour, they ripen in late September and early October, but do not reach a high concentration of sugars, rarely exceeding 170-180 g/l.


Grape production is high, between 15 and 17 t/ha.


The wines are green coloured with shades of yellow; they don't have a certain primary flavour. Their taste is sour, with a hint of watercress.


Alcoholic strength of 11 to 12 degrees, the acidity is high, 5-6 g/l.


It is recommended that it be drunk while still young (the year it was produced). Not suitable for aging.


This variety is suitable for sparkling wines.


Smell and taste: the smell of raw, freshly sliced green apple, vine tendril;


Can be served with white and red meat or vegetable based foods. It is a good digestive.


Source: Claudiu Cretu (Winemaker)



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