As we have done in the last two years during our travelling, we seize every opportunity to pass through the vineyards of Romania, our destination being this time the county of Banat.


On the occasion of ROVINHUD Wine Exhibition held on November 13-15 in Timișoara, we organized a visit to Petro Vaselo wine cellar, just 30 km away in the village Petrovaselo.


Petro Vaselo Winery


Petro Vaselo Vineyard is located in the viticulture area of Recaş and has an area of 42 hectares of vines grown biologically, being the last year of conversion. For 2016 harvest, on all counter-labels in addition to the already existing "unfiltered wine" mention, the phrase "biological wine grapes” will be added.

The visit started with a walk through the rust-coloured vineyards on the Banat hills. There we had the opportunity to learn from Adriana Negru, trade responsible, how the bio-vineyards are cared, which involves soil care, and how to make the selection of grapes to achieve maximum results in terms of quality, to the detriment of higher productivity. 


The weather was good to us us and we took a walk among the vineyard rows. Since harvest is done manually, a first selection of the grapes to be made into wine is made even by the reapers. So, at the time of our visit, in the vineyards there were still several bunches of dried grapes and I did not miss a chance to taste and enjoy them.

The visit continued with the presentation of the wine cellar by the young oenologist Marco Feltrin.

The gravitational wine cellar is situated on two levels, the upper one, where grapes are received, and the bottom one, 10 meters below ground, where grapes are processed and wine is stored. The temperature in the wine cellar is constant, about 13˚C, because being an underground cellar, it is protected from the external temperature fluctuations.


Wine tasting occurred in barriques room where we enjoyed the Bendis champagne which are representative to the winery, but also the Alb de Petro Vaselo still wines - Chardonnay and Roșu de Petro Vaselo - Cabernet Sauvignon. Charismatic as usual, Marco presented them to us in a funny and glamorous Romanian language. Finally, we pampered ourselves with OVAȘ 2009, assembly of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, a wine that is no longer sell on the market and which story is a very interesting one. It is a wine with "dual citizenship" from grapes produced in Petro Vaselo vineyard and made into wine in Tuscany at Montalcino, since the winery was under construction.


Besides, one curiosity of us was satisfied, namely where the names of OVAȘ, OTARNIȚA and MALETINE wines come from. Well, they told me they are ancient names, with Serbian origin, of the hills where the wines are produced. On OVAȘ Hill there are Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, on Otarniţa Hill there is Pinot Noir and on Maletine Hill there is Chardonnay, on a calcareous soil.


We are very grateful to the Petro team for the great time we spent together and we promise to go back soon.


For more details about the visits and wine tastings at Petro Vaselo wine cellar, click here.






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